Prayers to Heal Wounded Hearts — Noble Subjects

These are the heart prayers we will be focused on at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time today. Join us in spirit from around the world. Don’t try to cover all of them. Just lean into the ones where you have authority. Pray for the entire tribe, and our extended families, that our hearts might be […]

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GO INTO THE ARTS, FOR GOD’s SAKE. For your sake, for our sake. More artists, less dictators.


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Spring, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, Payne’s gray, cobalt blue, alizarin crimson, toga shadows, sunrise, sunset, ribbons,

Spring has sputtered to her feet, demanding a drink here in Northeast Wyoming. Today she gets a tall, white slushy. Our first good spring storm has sidled in.Balmy 64 degrees day before, now down to 10 and flurries.Drifts around the … Continue reading

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Spring, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, Payne’s gray, cobalt blue, alizarin crimson, toga shadows, sunrise, sunset, ribbons,

Spring has sputtered to her feet, thrown off her dusky grass toga and demanding a drink here in Northeast Wyoming. Today she gets a tall,white drifted slushy. Our first good spring storm has sidled in. Balmy 64 degrees day before, now down to 10 and flurries.Drifts around the cars in the BNSF Railways parking lot means some new hired conductors are on their first long stayover at the away from home terminal in Guernsey,which is supposed to get double what we have in Gillette. Spring has been anticipated and Carharts and clunky snow boots that were shed, being dug out again. Spring is deer carcasses beginning to thaw along the tracks of the Orin Line,wafting into your nostrils as you untie coal cars, abandoned by an out of time crew ahead of you. Spring is 40 eagles in the Glendo Reservoir cottonwoods waiting to work on the deer carcasses on their northern migration buffet. Spring is greasewood, dull Payne’s gray and wither high on 4 legged horses in the trickling Cheyenne River drainage. Ribbons of the Orin Line lace acrost Woody Draw as we wend our way south. Spring is fewer hot meals cooked on engine housing of our 4400 horses, bright orange , 15 foot high and 70 feet long stove on wheels. Spring is sunrise on Timber Creek devide,vermilion and lemon yellow, on the banks of the dark complectioned NorthPlatte River,indigo and Windsor violet in the waning light as 12,200 horses motor to home away from home. Spring has sprung demanding a drink to slake her thirst. .

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Rose of Sharon

Recently I was listening to Todd Shockley music. While soaring through the heavens with Holy Spirit I have seen, smelt and experienced many things. This time I heard,felt, saw golden words of praise and declaration rising up and coming down.
Jehova Mosaic, Jehova Shalom, Jehova el Shaddai, Jehova Rophe, Holy, Holy, Holy and Hallelujah over and over. As I walk through these light filled praises it was as if the went through me with their frequency uninterupted by my body. Their vibrations releasing specific frequency to destroy and disintegrate tumors, parasites, and viruses.
Next I saw this giant transparent lily, a fleur de lis floating in the rain of words. Walking over and through it was the Lamb of God.
Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us. It is written “that she who believes in me, the works I do shall she do also and greater works than these shall she do, because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in my Name, I will do it. If you love me keep my commandments.”


Rose of Sharon.

Rose of Sharon, acrylic, ink.

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Set Free

Roughly three years ago I had two dreams, one right after the other. The first was a huge hand placing a ring of keys on my bedstand next to my head. One key was big and had a black head, like a car key.The others were smaller gold keys, hundreds of them. Next the hand gave me a to-do list. I hurridly turned on the light and began to write it down. All of the lines faded but one that read ” I built Aramais with music.” Not knowing what Aramais meant I studied a name book, a biblical dictionary, and a concordance…nothing.. so I Googled Aramais. There were three names, one had a Facebook account. I tremulously searched and pondered what to do…his site was in a strange language. Sensing that it was important to tell this person this dream I messaged him with it and asked did it mean anything to him. Soon he replied back that he was a pastor who was fasting.g and praying for direction for his ministry and to prophecy away! The Lord said “that he, Aramais, would play and write music that would set captives and prisoners free. That people would be called from darkness to light…addictions would be broken… . He replied back that those were very similar words spoken over him when he’d come to Christ 30 years prior. Originally from Iran, he lived in Germany and the strange language was Farsi. This all took a couple of days as he would have someone translate my message for him. While asked God for insight for this dream He gave me a picture of this grayish bird…I looked up pictures of Iranian birds and it was the national songbird! It is important that we obey and believe God. I had been praying and asking for clarity, accurate words and the ability to interpret. He delivered faithfully. He has placed us here to be salt and light. To encourage and give hope and be part of the adventure of life. He who has an ear, listen to what the Spirit says to the church. It is an honor to have been able to learn of this worshipers, this psalmist. Listen,hear;here is a song Aramais wrote and plays for us. Hear the Father’s love for you from this songbird. YouTube≷=US

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Graham Cooke teaches on prayer and encouragement. by user3373913 on SoundCloud

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